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I can help you stop co-sleeping, feeding to sleep, tackle early wakes or split nights and many other sleep related problems.

I use a gentle trademarked sleep training method, no "cry it out" approach.

  • Does it feel like every bedtime/naptime is a battle?

  • Do you wake up multiple times per night?

  • Are you struggling with early wakes? 

  • Are you co-sleeping out of need?

  • Don't have enough energy to play with your child during the day?

  • Do you want to get your evenings back and be able to watch a film, rest or go out with friends?

  • Do you need a structured plan on how to improve your current sleep situation within a matter of days?

Have you answered YES to at least one the questions and feel like you are ready for a change? Even though you can't put a price on good nights sleep, my plan can help transform your life in only a matter of days for £299.

Sleep Package with Support


This package is suitable for babies from 5 months old you will get:

- Detailed review of your child's current sleep patterns across 4-day period

- 1 hour consultation where I will present you an
 action plan

-Bespoke Gentle Sleep Training Plan
 which you can implement from day one

-Unlimited 3-week support via WhatsApp/phone/e-mail 

Free Discovery Call

I offer a personal one-to-one service and it's important that you feel we are a good fit before we start our programme. It's also good for me to know a little more about you and your family. On our discovery call we'll chat about the issues you're having and I will show you how I can transform your life in a matter of days.

Please note that in order to maintain high standards of my support, I can only take a limited number of clients each month. Book now to avoid disappointment.

"We contacted Ilona to help with our almost 1 year old, who was in an awful sleeping routine and had never slept through the night.

I wasn't sure about sleep training but Ilona's method was so gradual and gentle, it never felt impossible.

10 days in and our daughter is sleeping 12 hours at night, napping well and is a completely different happy baby!"

Hollie & Tom (Megan, 11 months)

Can you imagine the whole bedtime routine taking less than 20 minutes, ending with you leaving the room for your little one to fall asleep peacefully in their own bed?

Not only it's possible, but these are the results my clients get in only 2 weeks of following my sleep plans.

Book your Free 15 min Discovery Call Today to see what results I can achieve for your family. 

Our Sleep Journey

What will you achieve with my 1:1 package?

  • Structure to your days and nights

  • You baby sleeping through the night

  • Self-settling for naps and bedtime with no tears

  • Ability to adjust your routine when necessary (going out or on holidays)

  • Tools to maintain your sleep progress in the long run

  • Free your evenings and get full night sleep back (or have a night feed schedule in place and under control)


More About Me

I have been a sleep deprived parent myself and I fully  understand the value of a good sleep, and the impact it has on many aspects of your family life. 

Getting our full nights sleep back has allowed us to become even better parents to Sophie. Having more energy to spend quality time with her during the day, in the knowledge that we would get a good night sleep.

I am very passionate on helping other families to achieve the same result.

Book a Discovery Call to see how I can help you.

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