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Top Tips for Travelling With a Baby

Travelling with babies or toddlers can be quite tiring, which could be further complicated with time differences. I have come up with top travel tips for babies and toddlers, which can help make your life easier whether it includes time difference or not.

I have a few travel routine tips you could use to make your baby or toddler sleep well in a new environment. Sophie is 22 months old and we have braved a second long trip with her, involving a 4 hour time difference. But regardless of the time difference, a good routine is key to good sleep, if you can try and stick to a routine as much as possible while away, it will make your holiday much more enjoyable for everyone.

If you require any assistance with sorting out your little ones routine, book a free initial consultation now to find out more about how I can help your family sleep better.

Here are my top tips for travelling with a baby:

1. If you are travelling for a short period of time and the time difference is small, I would suggest you stick to your usual timings (if your baby wakes up at 7 am and it is going to mean 6am at your destination, wake up at 6am and continue your day as usual).

2. Take familiar things not to disrupt the routine too much. If you read a book before bed or use a teddy be sure to take them with you. In our case we use a “Toniebox” for bedtime stories; it does take quite a bit of room in a suitcase so I was debating whether it’s worth bringing it, but it makes it so much more familiar for Sophie and she loves choosing her own story for the night.

3. Take a blackout blind, you never know if the room is going to be dark enough, and you don’t want to be risking a failed nap because of it.

4. If you are on holiday and plan to be out during the day, keep in mind that naps in the pram usually don’t last as long, and schedule to take your baby to bed earlier in the evening (up to an hour before their usual bedtime), to let them catch up on sleep.

5. If your routine is in place and you are changing time zones, use naps as a tool of adjusting to the new time. You can try stretching them a bit longer for each nap in order to delay the bedtime at the end of the day, alternatively you can make a nap shorter or longer to get them sufficiently tired for the new bedtime. Also their body adjusts quite quickly based on the sun/light, so within a few days you will be on a new schedule without having to put in too much effort.

6. And the main point is DO NO STRESS. Enjoy your time away with your family and have fun, after all they are babies, they can have good or bad night sleep even if you stay at home.

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