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Baby and Toddler Sleep Workshop

30th May, 1st June 7-8pm, in Zoom

Are you currently struggling with settling or lack of the routine as such? Then I have some exciting news for you! I will be running a baby and toddler sleep workshop in May/June. 

What is included?


Two 1 hour sessions with an option to upgrade to a 1:1 Support Package at a Special Price (limited time offer); or an option to add-on a 30 min Rescue Call.


What we will cover?


Session 1 

-We will cover the basics of the infant sleep

-Talk about common sleep struggles (nap extension, bedtime routine, night wakes, early wakes, split nights)

-Discuss in detail what is causing most common sleep issues them and what can be done to resolve it

-Homework for the 2nd session



Session 2 

-Discuss your homework and do the analysis of a daytime/night time routine with troubleshooting of most common issues

-Cover most popular settling methods 



All of this you can get for ONLY £25. Please follow the link below to book your spot. 

You will receive an e-mail confirmation upon booking. Please check your spam folder if you don't see it. 

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