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Online Courses

Looking for a guaranteed way to improve sleep? My Online Course is the right solution for your problem 


It covers an extensive range of topics (such as early wakes, night wakes, wake windows and many others). You will get instant access to the whole course with downloadable materials such as Sleep Routines.

You will see the improvements in only 3 days of following my plan.


If after completing the course you still feel like you need more personal advice/routine, you can add-on a 30 min Rescue Call  priced at £49.

Want a bespoke approach designed for your family? Check out my 1:1 Packages.

Sleep Course 5-12 months



This course will help you resolve multiple sleep issues and start sleeping through the night again.

Clear Guide on Sleep Routines and Wake Windows

Nap Extension

Battling Night Wakes and Early Wakes

Night Feeding Guide

Nap Dropping and Adjusting Routines

Troubleshooting Hub

Instant Lifetime Access

Toddler Course 12-24 months

Coming Soon

Newborn Course 

Coming Soon

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