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Easter Weekend Sleep Routine Tips

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

When it comes to babies, any disruption to their routine could result in bad night sleep. With celebrations and seeing family members younger babies often get too excited and overstimulated by seeing new faces or just a lot of people at the same time. It can then lead them having issues with settling for their night time and naps. With toddlers any veering from the routine can lead to tantrums (this is simply how their brain works, and when they don't know what to expect next, they can get easily upset).

How can you make sure your sleep routine stays on track during the break?

If you are going away, make sure to bring a blackout blind with you. It is important to maintain the same sleep environment when sleeping away from home.

If you have to have the naps on the go due to holiday plans, make sure to use a blackout cover as it can help to extend a nap length.

If you little one struggles to have more than one sleep cycle on the go, consider adding a power nap (you can add one in the car on your way home, for example)

If you know you haven't managed to get enough daytime sleep in, bring their bedtime forward by up to an hour. Sometimes even if they get their usual amount of sleep babies and toddler can still get overstimulated and tired from all the new activities. It is important to look for their sleep queues and if needed still take them a bit earlier than usual, to allow them to have a proper rest.

Safe Sleep when travelling

If you are going to be travelling during the Easter Break and are intending to use a travel cot, please stick to the safe sleep guidelines. A lot of parents think that the travel cot mattress is not comfortable enough and fear that it could disrupt sleep while away from home. The sleep can be affected by a number of different reasons. I strongly advise against trying to use any extra/soft bedding or additional cushions in order to make the travel cot "more comfortable". The mattress has to be firm and not have any holes or rips in it in order to satisfy the safe sleep guidelines.

Still need help with the routines? Check out my post with age appropriate routine guides.


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